Bring us your idea on a paper napkin and we will design and fabricate your prototype down to the final sale samples

Brand Identity

Creating a brand image is a vital step for a new product design or service.
Your brand is a broad stroke of every customer promise made, wider than your reputation and more apparent than your font selection or logo colors.

MPM will assist in building a consistent message to attract and retain public awareness, your demographic and your customer.

Our award-winning team; will identify your market and convey your message through addressing all your branding options.

Marketing Campaigns

MPM will develop and execute incisive, dynamic and exciting marketing campaigns wrapped around your brand image.

Keeping pace with today’s lifestyle synergies, we aim to capture and deliver the nuances of pop culture’s latest points of view and the hottest fashion and beauty trends to tantalize your media followers and have them eagerly and faithfully anticipate your next ad campaign & product development.

Product Development

  • Discovery
  • Surface and Fabrication Development
  • Strategic Planning Process
  • Model Design
  • Sketch Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Logo and Forms Explorations

Product development, just like talent development requires a step-by-step process that enables branding designers, sales, and marketing specialist to create innovative solutions and business opportunities for our clients. Our product development process involves understanding the project, gaining insight to the client’s desires and developing a strategy that adheres to our clients’ marketing objectives. We combine this with the need to get to market fast and design around parameters that include aggressive cost targets and manufacturing capabilities.

We tailor our approach, which encompasses four main areas: investigation, conceptualization, refinement, and implementation, to meet the specific requirements of each project. We carefully study each milestone and recognize the importance of being creative while still maintaining a sense of reality for solutions that are profitable to our clients.

At the start of each new project, our development team establishes clear expectations, schedules, and responsibilities for everyone involved. MPM continuously review the development process internally and with the client through consistent contact and client participation. We manage your project from A to Z, from beginning to end.

Product Design

Industrial design is the process of combining innovation with compelling design that evokes desire, establishes brand identity and ultimately provides a better solution that enhances the end user experience. It humanizes the art of engineering and bridges the gap between the necessities of mass production and the desires of the consumer.

Our industrial product designers combine artistic skills with a practical knowledge of manufacturing to create designs. Visionary thinking and a sound understanding of business, marketing, consumer trends, human factors, materials, engineering and manufacturing considerations are at the core of every effort. The MPM team thinks of everything to make your project experience an enjoyable one. MPM will provide sketches or product models to help you visualize a product during the preliminary stages of a project and are very useful in focus group research and further to promptly deliver samples for our sales agencies to perform pre-sales functions. Our final goal is to provide pure innovation for products and services that ultimately meet and exceed our customers’ business objectives:

Our technical expertise, practical experience, and passion for design enable our extraordinary team to reach beyond the ordinary and create designs never imagined possible.

Product Launch

In our competitive landscape today, whether you are a rock star, fashion designer, bicycle innovator or you are a professional athletic, you must have that branding edge to stand out in the crowd.

MPM will also take all offerings a step further by enhancing our initial marketing packages with attractive business opportunities to deliver added value incentives. MPM takes aggressive measures and an active role in creating co-operative marketing programs to major account sales opportunities to press coverage. MPM masters the entire launch process by having you ready with printed materials, logos, marketing collateral, photography and everything else you need to make a big splash at all launch events such as trade shows, trade conventions, and grand openings. Yes, we even stick around for the fun part – planning and hosting launch party events. Let us place you on center stage.

Concept, Design to Launch and Beyond

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